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Smart Cities Mission

Smart City Mission (SCM)

What is Smart City?

A Smart city is a city equipped with basic infrastructure, clean and sustainable environment necessary for providing adequate quality of life through application of ecological friendly procedures, integration of technology, detailed planning as well as usage of Information technology in an efficient way.

The basic idea behind creating certain selected cities into smart cities is to attract investors to those places by offering an effective platform to them that is equipped with good infrastructure and smart solutions that enables easy startup and working of the businesses.


The main objective of creating smart cities is to improve quality of life of people by facilitating economic development, cleaner and healthier environment and richer cultural heritage by harnessing technology.

Core Elements of a Smart City:

The two main aspects of a smart city are:

Basic Infrastructure
Smart Solutions
Basic Infrastructure:

As the main aim of creating smart cities is to enhance the quality of life; thus, proper infrastructure creation is an important aspect of smart cities which includes following elements:

Smart Solutions:

As the main objective of creating smart cities is to enhance economic development and quality of life by employment of technology that generates smart outcome, the core elements of smart solutions for a smart city are:


Cities in Uttar Pradesh That Are Included in the List of Smart Cities Are:

Key Features of development in the Smart Cities

Key features of the development that are included in Smart City Mission are as follows:

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