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About Bareilly City

From the Window of History : Bareilly

Bareilly district is located in 26.0 longitude and 78.0 longitude. This district was previously part of Panchala. The Gomti River in the east, the Yamuna in the west, the Chambal in the south and the Himalayan ranges in the north are its frontier boundaries.

Panchal was considered the high center of Vedic culture. The virtues here were famous all over the country. Bareilly is also excellent from the perspective of geology. Avesh of Panchal is found near Rampur village. 500 thousand coins before the Gupta era have been obtained from Ahichchatra. This district has also been ahead in the statues of Harakota. Panchala was one of the 6 Mahajanapadas in the 16th century.

By the middle of the 12th century the Kshatriyas settled themselves there. Bareilly district would have been established in the 16th century. It is said that a Kshatriya named Jagatsingh established a village named Jagat Pur. He had two sons, Bansu Dev, Barel Dev. Both the brothers settled the Bareilly district in 1537 and then it was named Bas Bareilly. The name of a locality of Bareilly is still Jagatpur. After the death of Bamboo Dev of Bareilly, Bareilly was incorporated into the Mughal Empire.

The rapid development of this district began in 1657 with full vigor. At that time, the faujdar of Bareilly was Mukrand Rai. He founded many locales like Biharipur, Malkapur, Kazitola etc. He got a huge fort built at the Jama Masjid and Fort Police Station.

The freedom struggle in Bareilly started on 14 May 1857. Local residents of Bareilly staged several demonstrations in protest and burnt papers etc. in front of Kotwali.

The Indian National Congress was founded during the Khilafat movement in Bareilly. Gandhiji first arrived in Bareilly at the same time. The Civina Disobedience Movement started in this district on 26 January 1930. Jawaharlal Nehru, MN Rai, Purushottam Rai etc. participated in a session of the Congress. Many processions related to Quit India movement were also taken out and about 200 people were arrested.

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