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About Nagar Nigam Bareilly

Bareilly is a city in North India and is classified as Class I town1. It is the center for the manufacturing of furniture and for trade in cotton, cereal, and sugar. The city is the administrative headquarter to Bareily district and Bareilly division.
Bareilly is also known as the counter-magnet city because it is equidistant from New Delhi and Lucknow and has a lot of potential for setting up industries to attract people to settle. Bareilly is the 4th city of Uttar Pradesh has CNG fuel stations, after Lucknow, Kanpur, and Agra.
Bareilly is the 7th largest city of Uttar Pradesh and the 50th Largest city of India. Bareilly Nagar Nigam (BNN) is the administrative body Headed by Dr.Umesh Gautam, the mayor of the city. The city is divided into 4 Zone and 80 wards, each with a ward Councillor.

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