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Amrut Reform 2017 - 2018


Sr. No.









Personal Staff Management




Online Notification of Recruitment rules for all Municipal Cadres.

Yes, Online Notification of recruitment rules for all municipal cadres has been uploaded on directorate of local bodies official website link as below..

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      Online up to date service records / Staff details and Seniority list of last tow years (2015-16 & 2016-17)

Yes, Online up-to-date Service records/ staff details and seniority lists are available on ULB web site. Screen shots has been enclosed. .

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Biometric Attendance System.


Online Bio-metric attendance System of Staff is established. Screen shot has been enclosed.

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Online payment of salaries & Wages.

Yes, Nagar Nigam Bareilly provides online facility for payment of salaries & wages through RTGS/NEFT employee’s Account Attached salary form.

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Online Employee’s Grievance redressed.


Yes, Online Employees Grievance Redressed system.

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Sou-motu discloser under RTI Act on Website.


Yes, Sou-motu disclosure under RTI Act on ULB website . Screen shot has been enclosed and web link as below

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Project Management (ULB Level)

Online PMIS Financial.

Online PMIS Physical.


      Yes, Project has been uploaded on project management system which shows financial as well as physical progress of projects


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Online issue of NIT and Providing tender documents online .


Yes, Online issue of Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) and providing tender documents and Submission of tender including online payment of EMD.



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Online submission of tender including online payment of EMD


Yes, Nagar Nigam Bareilly provide online payments facility to consultant/ contractor/ vendors Attached bank statement.



Online payment to Consultants/Contractor /Vendors


Yes, all new project uploaded on PMS along with

Geo-tagged through Amrut App. proof has been enclosed. .



Municipal Cadre

Policy for right-sizing the number of Municipal functionaries by states


State Level




Double Entry Accounting Systems (DEAS) ULB Level

      Implementation of Accrualbased Double Accounting System.

YES, The balance sheets are prepared Account Department on double entry accounting system and are uploaded on ULB website from 2015-16 to 2017-18

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      Publication of Audited of Balance –Sheet/Annual Financial Statements on ULB Websites.( Year201516,2016-17 & 2017-18)


Urban Planning

Establish Urban Development Authority State Level  

Develop at least one Children Park every year in AMRUT Cities (Year 2015-16,2016-17 & 2017-18) ULB Level


Gandhi Udhyan park has been developed in the year of 2016-17 but approval of this park had given in the year of 2015-16. Copy of work order and pictures with location of developed parks has been enclosed




Swatchh Bharat Mission

Elimination of open Defection (O.D.F) Policy.


State Level

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Elimination of open Defection (O.D.F) Percentage (ULB Level)


Quality Council of India (Q.C.I) of Bareilly city has certified that 100% open defecation free (ODF) Copy of Certificate has been enclosed.



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Percentage of Wards with 100% door to door waste collection


Municipal Commissioner of Bareilly city has certified that 100 % Door to door waste collected in 80 wards Copy of certificate has been enclosed


Percentage of Complaint resolution on Swachhata App by ULB. Yes


Percentage of Wards with 100 % Source Segregaton. Yes


Transportation Waste   waste collects transport by more than 60 covered Vehicle to Bakarganj ( Disposal Site)


Scientific Disposal

(Composting, RDF, Waste to Energy, etc.)


100 MLD. Waste processing Plant (pyrolysis technology )
installed at Bakharganj. This Plant are under trail,
Similar 5 more Plant is proposal to process all the collected
waste as well as Legacy waste dump at Bakharganj (Disposal Site)
Action Plan for Year 2019 has been Prepared in which all related issues for
Solid Waste Management is addressed



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