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  Municipal Corporation Bareilly [DISCUSSION]
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NNB The Race is not over because Bareilly has not won yet!!!!

Our city “BAREILLY” ranks 88th on the list of 97 scoring cities with 42.68 marks in the first round of the Smart city Selection process. To update our proposal in order to achieve the benchmark set by the MoUD and the winning cities, we APPEAL THE CITIZENS to engage and provide their suggestions in formulation of the Smart City Proposal for our city Bareilly.
In persuasion to achieve the aforesaid, Bareilly Municipal Corporation are in the process of upgrading the Smart City Proposal in-line with the requirements and suggestions from the citizens. The Smart City proposal submitted to MoUD on December 15, 2015 can be accessed through the mentioned link below. Bareilly Municipal Corporation aims to engage citizens for comments and suggestions so that they can be incorporated to formulate a winning proposal.
Click below to view the Proposal.

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